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Thomas Solignac

Thomas SOLIGNAC is a French entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence, with a background in computer sciences and philosophy.

Known as the founder of, a startup providing AI to defense and CAC 40 companies, and creator of its core AI technology, he recently opened a consulting company,, to help industrial companies enter the era of AI.

Multi-awarded (30under30, Top100 french innovators 2022, ...), he is also known for his thinking blending a deep understanding of new technologies, a philosophical & human perspective, and taste for bold ventures. An original frame of mind deployed in more than 10 years of teaching (Sciences Po, Epita, Epitech, ...) and more than 200 conferences, TVs, radios and podcasts, since 2018.

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Don't let the future come to you. Build the future.

Technologies are rising. Artificial Intelligence. Web3. Quantum Computing. The world is changing and new landscapes of opportunities are appearing to us.

Not only we need to seize these opportunities, but we need to understand intimately what they are, and to find our own path within this new world.

Sit down, take a breath. My workshop-conferences are designed to be inspiring & pragmatic, making you explore this new world without any useless technicality, and making you experiment by yourself as much as possible.

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Let's talk about importants subjects

The future of work

in the era of Artificial intelligence

How can we think the way we will work tomorrow? Why AI is going to change everything? I'm convinced that AI won't kill work, but will save it.

How to engage new generations: Finding Meaning in Work

Generation Z is entering the workforce. The relationship to work has never changed so drastically as over the past decade. Finding and keeping talents is an everyday war. Here are your weapons.

Generative AIs :

Unleash your potential

Why generative AI are such a revolution? Can we really rely on them? Let's take a moment to deep dive and to try by yourself.

How does AI work?

Deep-dive into what makes AI smart (or not)

Understanding AI technologies is the best way to take full advantage of them and to understand their strengths and limitations. How do neural networks work? Can I rely on AI? Does AI always involve deep learning?

Document & email

processing automation

Document processing and customer relationships are two broad and complex domains that can tremendously benefit from AI.

How to take advantage of the latest technologies? What's coming next?

AI-Assisted Creativity & Marketing

Generative AI is deeply transforming how we handle creative processes and the way we do marketing.

Let's take a tour of these new possibilities, and see what's coming soon.

What is a



It's about understanding & doing

Because you can't really understanding without taking it in your hands, and you can't fully explore it without a big picture. That's why my interventions are mixing 15-30 minutes of speaking with 1h+ of semi-guided practice. Yes, you are going to work !

Customer Experience

It's about you

Bring your expectations, daily challenges, and questions with you. We'll build upon them. Whether you have materials to work with or prefer to start from scratch, I'll assist you in reaching your goals

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It's customized for your company and your needs

All my interventions are adapted to the company I'm working with, even without them asking. If some needs or issues of your company are communicated, I take them into account and modulate both the presentation and the hands-on practice.

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It's typically 1h30 long

With 25% listening, 75% practicing / discussion.

Coffee break before or after conclusion is welcome !

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It works on-site or on videoconference

If it's on videoconferences, breakout rooms will be used to foster discussions between participants, and with the animator. If it's on-site, computer or smartphone are needed for the practice.

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It's adaptable to any group size

Smaller groups can get more individual attention from the animator. In large groups, subgroups will be formed to ensure discussions and mutual-help.

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Don't let the future happen

without you.